Wright Robie House 1

Miniature Robie House 1, Frank Lloyd Wright

Wright, 1908

Robie House 1/ Wright, 1908

Material Cherry wood, seat upholstered with polyurethane, foam, fabric, scale 1:6 75 x 220 x 65 mm , Made in Poland 8 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 3"

DesignReasons sells the Robie House 1 miniature. American architecture in the first half of this century was dominated by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. In the course of 70 years, he created over 1000 designs for buildings and designs an oeuvre so visionary that it caused quite an uproar. He impressively put his principle of so-called »organic architecture«, which called for a unity of the house’s interior design, extemal shape and natural environment, into practice in 1900 with his »Prairie Houses«.

Chairs with extra-high backs and vertical wooden struts formed an important part of the furniture used for the interior of the »Prairie Houses«. Frank Lloyd Wright first opted for this type of chair in his own home, Oak Park House, in 1895 in order to give greater definition to the area around the dining table and also render the setting more intimate. If one looks at the 'Robie House 1' chair designed for the dining room in the Frederick C. Robie House, what strikes the eye is not only the extra-high backs, but also the chair’s feet, which spread out-
wards in a soft curve that somewhat lessens the stringency of the otherwise strictly geo-
metric design