Wright Johnson Wax Chair 1939

Miniature Johnson Wax Chair, Wright

Wright, 1939

Johnson Wax Chair/ Wright, 1939

Material Metal, cloth upholstery, cherry wood, scale 1:6, 78 x 144 x 101 mm

DesignReasons sells the Johnson Wax Chair miniature. The Johnson Wax Chair is characterized by round forms which also reflect the lines of a famous building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, namely the S.C. Johnson & Son Company Administration Building in Racine, Wisconsin. When it was opened in 1939, the company building caused a veritable sensation. Illumination is exclusively by means of surface lighting and the pictures of the offices featuring a »forest« of the round pillars complete with leaves and buds were seen the world over. Wright believed the furniture, rooms and even the building itself were an abstracted organic continuation of the surrounding landscape or cityscape.