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Prouve Tabouret Haut 1942

Jean Prouvé, 1942

DesignReasons sells Prouve's Tabouret Haut  that was designed in 1942. For the design of Tabouret Haut Jean Prouvé drew on a traditional type of bar stool that is still in common use today: a round seat disc resting on top of four long, canted legs. A ring is mounted to the inside of the legs at about a third of their height from the floor, increasing the rigidity of the construction and also serving as a comfortable footrest. Prouvé’s interpretation of this classic type is distinguished by its simple, unpretentious appearance, lucid construction and harmonious proportions.


Legs and seat in solid oak, natural or stained dark with natural wood lacquer finish, footrest in tubular steel, powder-coated or chromed finish anti-ski surface.

Legs and Seat Dark Oak, Natural Oak

Footrest Japanese Red, Cream, Chrome