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Eames Elephant

Charles & Ray Eames 1945

DesignReasons sells kids furniture like this elephant chair that is long lasting and doubles as a toy, and maintains the beauty, quality and prestige for an investment that can be carried down for generations.

Elephant Chair & Toy & An Investment & Appreciated For Generations.
As a child, I was given the opportunity to ride an elephant in a television show. My body tingled with excitement, counting the seconds until the thrill. Thirty five years have passed and though my transportation had changed to an automobile, the thrill of the thought of bouncing on an elephant's back remains. This batch-dyed polypropylene majesty can maneuver in an outdoor setting, or roam inside the setting you choose. By a table or alone this adorable elephant chair, designed by Charles and Ray Eames, poses in magnificent colors (white, ice gray, classic red, light pink, or dark lime). The colorful elaborate box is an added charm.

Elephant Safaris--by Elephants, For Elephants. Join the Eames Elephants as they return to the wilds to discover their roots. This is just Part 1 of their epic journey. Filmed in Location Animation.