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Map Table 2011

Barber Osgerby, 2011

DesignReasons sells the Map Table System designed by Barber Osgerby in 2011. While planning and developing training and meeting rooms, Edward Barber und Jay Osgerby recognised the need for a new table system. The modern strategy of shared learning through communication often requires tables to be rearranged since teamwork and workshops take place in small groupings while discussions are conducted in the round, and classic presentations require that the audience face the speaker. The Map Table is designed for just such flexibility; the tables are quickly and easily rearranged and can be stacked if necessary. The Map Table is a universal table design for all situations demanding flexible arrangements and the best usage of space.


The table tops come in rectangular, square, trapezoidal and circular shapes and allow a multitude of configurations for a wide variety of applications. Whether gathered into islands or fixed together to form rows, the tables are easy to separate and recombine. With its discrete, functional aesthetic, the Map Table system will serve you well for a long time to come.

The table legs are fixed to the table tops with a fan-shaped moulded plate. This seemingly simple technical solution is numbered to enable a variety of leg settings. This makes it possible to fit the tables together or set them flush against each other and to stack or link them.

Areas of use

The Map Table is especially well suited for use in educational establishments where their simple shape enables them to be integrated into a broad range of environments. There is also a place for them in the home office as an elegant desk or table.

Home Office Melamine Veneer Dark Oak, Dimgrey, Natural Oak, Soft Light  Column Bases Basic Dark, Chrome

Office Melamine Dimgrey, Soft Light Column Bases Basic Dark, Chrome

Modesty Panel Aluminium Powder Coated Basic Dark, Soft Light 

This system can also can be used for the home.
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