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Suita Sofa 2010

Antonio Citterio, 2010

DesignReasons sells the new suita sofa systems. The Suita Sofa ushers in a new phase in the partnership between Vitra and Antonio Citterio that began in 1985. For the very first time, they have created a modern, timeless and elegant sofa range for the living room in Citterio’s signature style. Suita is a collaborative creation between Vitra and Citterio, born in 1950, and serves to add a system including both sofas and chairs that all subtly combine Italian flair for lightness and elegant workmanship with Swiss industrial quality and precision.

Suita takes the classic sofa and gives it a contemporary, lightweight, yet industrial and technical look. The geometrical, clear lines of the body and the soft-worked paddings seem to float on top of the bridge-like feet made of polished aluminium. With their rounded form, these feet can be considered to pay homage to American mid-century design. Suita combines modernity with timelessness in the same way that other classic pieces of furniture do.

Combination possibilities The Suita Sofa is part of a large range that includes many individual pieces of furniture. They can all be mixed and matched for use in many different spaces in numerous ways. Suita pieces can be harmoniously integrated into existing arrangements and also create a collage with other pieces in the Suita range.
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Padding and cushions Suita comes in two different basic versions – with soft or firmer seat cushions – that serve to meet customers‘ various comfort needs. For the softer version, customers can choose between classic or pointed cushions. For the firmer version, the backrest cushions all have a classic cushion shape.

Head piece Some pieces in the Suita range can be fitted with a component that lengthens the backrest, which not only serves to offer the head more support, but also creates a kind of barrier from both noise and visual stimuli.

Shelves Shelves that are mounted on the back make the Suita Sofa, when placed away from walls, the perfect place for briefly working on a laptop when combined with a chair. If placed against a wall, the shelf creates additional storage or decoration space.

Platform The Suita platform is very tightly upholstered and comes in two sizes. As a piece that is a cross between a table and an ottoman, the platform can be used for trays, books and magazines, or for tired feet.

Suita Fauteuil adds a compact armchair with a comfortably deep seat and high backrest to the range of Suita products. Viewed in profile, Suita Fauteuil is the visual embodiment of comfort: the deep, softly padded seat and long armrests blend elegantly into the high back bolstered with a neck cushion. Suita Fauteuil can be combined with a matching ottoman and with all other furniture items in the Suita Sofa range.

Suita Sofa Sizes

Three Seater with Shelf 34 3/4"H  x  91 3/4"W  x  18 1/2"SH  x  44"D

Three Seater  34 3/4"H   x   91 3/4"W  x  18 1/2"SH  x  34 1/2""D

Three Seater with Head  41 3/4"H   x  91 3/4"W x 18 1/2"SH  x  37 1/2"D

Three Seater, One Arm 34 3/4"H   x   85 3/4"W   x   18 1/2"SH   x   34 1/2"D

Chaise Lounge, One Arm 34 3/4"H   x   34 3/4"W   x   18 1/2"SH   x   67"D small

Chaise Lounge, One Arm 34 3/4"H   x   33 3/4"W x 18 1/2"SH x    86 3/4"D large

Chaise Lounge, One Arm with Head  41 3/4"H   x   33 3/4"W   x   18 1/2"SH   x   69 3/4"D small

Chaise Lounge, One Arm  with Head  41 3/4"H   x   33 3/4"W   x   18 1/2"SH   x   89 1/2"D large

Chaise Lounge Wide 34 3/4"H x 45 1/4"W   x   18 1/2"SH x 67"D

Chaise Lounge Wide with Head  41 3/4"H   x 45 3/4"W   x 18 1/2"SH   x   67"D

Two Seater, One Arm  34 3/4"H   x  65 1/4"W   x  18 1/2"SH   x 34 1/2"D

Two Seater   34 3/4"H  x  74"W  x   18 1/2"SH   x  34 1/2"D

Two Seater with Head  41 3/4"H   x   74"W   x  18 1/2"SH   x  37 1/2"D

Two Seater with Shelf  34 3/4"H   x   74"W    x   18 1/2"SH    x   44 1/2"D

Day Bed     39 3/4"W x 18 1/2"SH x 31 1/2"D

Ottoman     77"W x 18 1/2"SH x 32"D Uphostery Soft  and Upholstery Firm

Tray Basic Dark or Soft Light

Base Polished, Basic Dark, Soft Light

Glides Hard or Felt

Platform 63 3/4"W  x  15 1/4"H x 33 1/4"W

Slipcover Platform 63 3/4"W x  31 1/2"W

Platform 47 1/4"W x15 1/4"H x 49 1/2"D

Slipcover Platform 47 1/4"W x 47 1/4"D

Pointed Cushions Non Printed  15 1/4" x 15 1/4", 15 3/4" x 23 1/2", 23 1/2 x 23 1/2", 31 1/2" x 23 1/2"

Roll Cushion Non Printed 21 1/4W" x 6 1/4"Round