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ArchiMeda 2008

Alberto Meda 2008

DesignReasigns sells the ArchiMeda Executive Desk designed by Alberto Meda for Vitra. Alberto Meda’s and Vitra’s aim when developing the ArchiMeda was to design a simple, well-conceived managers’ desk to simplify and enrich complicated everyday life. ArchiMeda is a height-adjustable desk that brings a healthy mix of sitting and standing options into the executive office. The large, fine wood veneered table top rests on the scissor lifting mechanism, the height of which can be adjusted electronically. ArchiMeda is suited for use as a table for meetings conducted with participants either seated or – especially when reviewing documents and plans – standing.

Scissor lifting mechanism The mechanically synchronised scissor lifting mechanism on gliders enables easy height adjustment of 26 3/4' to 44 1/2" in just 9 seconds.

Healthy Tests have shown that it is healthy to switch between sitting and standing when working. A recommended combination of 50% sitting, 25% standing and 25% movement not only reduces back problems and tension, it also promotes circulation and of course levels of activity and motivation.

Table Top Materials Light Oak,  Dark Oak, Powder-coated MDF Soft Light

Base Chrome  and Soft White Sheet Steel

Size  94 1/2"W  x  48 1/4"D  X  26 3/4"h To 44 1/2"

Table Top Soft Light powder-coated MDF $ 10375 , Light Oak Veneer $12,900. Natural look Dark Oak Veneer $12,900.

Aletta  MDF $1025  Veneer $2575

Positioning Handset with memory $95

Socket 3x power +2 x RJ45 $395, 4xpower $290, 4xpower +2 x RJ45 Data +1x VGA $680