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Visavis 1992


Antonio Citterio, 1992

Visavis has a formal reserve, clear lines and high degree of comfort, which makes it equally suited to the office and the home.

It is also available in a stacking version for meeting rooms. Choose from a wide range of colours for the seat coverings, which are available in fabric and leather. The base is made of polished or matte chrome and can be combined with seat and backrest covers in fabric or leather. Visavis comes in different versions for different purposes: with a plain or covered backrest. A writing tablet is available. A stacking version is also available (max. 5 chairs), with or without interconnecting elements. The backrest with its squared perforation is available in basic dark, warmgrey, and as a transparent variant.

The patented Clima Seat, an innovation of Vitra, absorbs moisture and assures pleasant air circulation in seats over an extended period. The Clima Seat features a super absorbent fibre fabric with excellent breathing properties. The fabric absorbs any moisture that arises while a person is seated and then releases it when the person gets up. Independent tests have shown that seating comfort lasts about eight times longer than with standard seating pads. That also explains why the automotive industry utilises Clima Seat from Vitra. Clima Seat is available for use as a seating pad for all office and visitor chairs from Vitra in knitted fabrics. It is also available for the new Headline and Spiro in a globally unique combination with three dimensional fabric “Skin” for even better air circulation.

Cantilever base in tubular steel (matt or polished chrome plating or basic dark epoxy-coated). Seats have fabric or leather coverings on a polyurethane carcass. Backrest with integrated armrests in polypropylene in basic dark, warm grey or transparent, available with or without cushioning, and with fabric or leather upholstery. Base on plastic glides, with optional felt inlay for hard floors. Chrome-plated base, also comes in stacking version (max. 5 chairs) or with interconnecting elements. With optional folding tablet.

BACK & ARMS: Basic Dark, Soft Light
BASE: Matte Chrome, Chrome
FOLDING TABLET: Right Side Black Pastic + $290
TORSO FABRIC: Orange, Blue , Rosso, Nero, Antra II
LEATHER: Nero, Asphalt, Chocolate, Marron, Red, Sand, Snow
GLIDES: Carpet, Hardwood
Torso Citterio + $40   Leather + $490 COM + $00 COL + $300 COV + $20
Torso Citterio + $60   Leather + $510 COM + $20 COL + $320 COV + $60
Torso Citterio + $120 Leather + $570 COM + $80 COL + $380 COV + $120