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Ventnor/Margate Beaches

Ventnor/Margate Beaches

Nestled between Atlantic City and Ocean City, Ventnor, Margate and Longport are the beach towns that I love so much. Each with their own personalities and miles of beautiful uncrowded beaches. These towns have always been populated with year-round residents making them more of communities with beaches rather than just vacation destinations with beaches. There’s history and generations of families that have lived in these towns and know they’re so much more than a suburb of Atlantic City.

Ventnor, Margate aren’t exactly tourist destinations, and that doesn’t mean that they aren’t great places to vacation in or at the very least visit to enjoy their tranquil beaches and restaurants. It’s where the locals go to the beach and the not so local, but nearby county residents can be found. These beaches have been the best kept secrets.

Let’s start with VENTNOR, the only one of the three that has a boardwalk.  Ventnor was named back in 1893 by an English couple after Ventnor England, but didn’t receive its official incorporation until 1903. The boardwalk runs 1.7 miles in Ventnor continuing for another 3.5 miles in Atlantic City.  Although there are no casinos, restaurants, or shops it is my favorite boardwalk for peaceful walks or bike rides.

I spent every summer of my life until I was 30 at the Ventnor and Margate Beaches. This is home to me.  Margate is now worried about the new dunes and the beach drainage system that the governor approved this year. But what-ever happens the beaches will remain beautiful and the original sands will come back.

Through my eyes the beaches are becoming more magnificent with the new planting and with the new maintenance schedules.