Maarten Van Severen

.03 Chair   1999

MVS Chaise 2000  

.04 Studio Chair 2000 

.04 Strecher 2000

.05 Chair 2004

.06 Lounge 2005

Kast 2005

A-Table 2005

.03 Chair High 2011

.06 Outdoor Lounge

 Maarten Van Severen

Maarten Van Severen, born 1956 in Antwerp, Belgium, studied architecture at the Sint-Lucas Art Academy in Ghent, Belgium. He designed his first furniture pieces in 1986 and in the following year established an independent workshop, where he pursued the limited, semi-industrial production of his own furniture designs.

This unified process of design and production was a fundamental aspect of his work over a long period of time, in which he devoted himself to the examination of basic furniture types: chair, table, chaiselongue, shelving, cabinet. He developed primary solutions for these categories based on a comprehensive exploration of the questions of form, material and construction.

Beginning in 1990, Maarten Van Severen began to collaborate closely with Rem Koolhaas and also turned his attention to interior design tasks. During this period he also assumed teaching positions at a variety of institutions, including University College West Flanders in Kortrijk (1996), the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht (1996-97), Delft University of Technology (1998) and universities in Helsinki and Barcelona.

The beginning of his collaboration with Vitra in 1996 marked a new phase in his career. It offered him the opportunity to work with new materials and also brought a much wider degree of exposure and influence. Until his death in 2005 in Ghent, Maarten Van Severen developed a range of new designs for Vitra, which have progressively entered series production.

DesignReasons sells many products of Maarten Van Severen that he designed for Vitra. The .03 Chair today is the most popular. Picked to be in public places as the Perelman Museum and the Barnes Museum in the Philadelphia Parkway. The .03 chair is very comfortable and moves with your body as the .03 chair, .04 studio chair, 05 chair, and the .06 outdoor lounge. The hard looking surface is soft. The .04 studio chair is extremely practical and can be used both in residential and commercial applications.