Theory and Process


Anthony Sully 2012

Successful interior design requires the resolution of a multitude of problems, from views and connections to lighting and furnishing. In this book interior designer Anthony Sully provides a conceptual approach to analysing structure, function, space and light, and styling forms. Each topic is divided into graspable elements, making this an accessible text for students and a useful handbook for experienced practitioners wishing to recharge their batteries.

Three years after leaving the Royal College of Art Sully was commissioned to write and illustrate 'European Interior Design through the Ages' for publishers Arthur Barker of Weidenfeld and Nicholson. This was a book I was asked to do. After a lifetime of practising as a designer and teaching interior design at degree level, I have just written another book entitled 'Interior Design: Theory and Practice' published by A&C BLack.

Table of Contents


Part 1 Clarification
1. The Present Situation
2. Definition of Terms

Part 2 Body and Measurement
3. Human Form
4. Geometry & Proportion

Part 3 Visual Understanding
5. Perception
6. Expression & Meaning

Part 4 Design Process
7. Theoretical Basis for Design Process
8. Searching for Codes
9. Conclusion