Stiletto Consumer's Rest 1983

Miniature Consumer's Rest, Stiletto

Stiletto, 1983

Consumer's Rest/ Stiletto, 1983

Material Varnished steel, plastic, scale 1:6, 117 x 157 x 94 mm 6 1/4" x 3 3/4" x 4 1/2"

DesignReasons sells the Consumer's Rest miniature. Like Marcel Duchamp, Stiletto reinterprets everyday objects and assigns them a new functional context. Stores, supermarkets, but also building materials businesses or scrap yards provide him with material for his ideas. He takes up what is available and the tried-and-tested, then reconstructs it. For him redesign has less to do with recycling and more with rebirthing. The base for the Consumer’s Rest chair, a supermarket shopping trolley, was undone, reshaped and varnished in two colors. Only the covering of thick soft foil which is typically used for swing doors in storerooms, offers a certain comfort and reveals that this is an item of furniture intended for sitting. Stiletto designs his objects in a way that gives them soul and character, rather than packaging design.