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Starck Louis 20 1991

Miniature Louis 20, Starck

Starck, 1991

Louis 20/ Starck, 1991

Material Polypropylen, Aluminium, scale 1:6, 100 x 141 x 98 mm 5 1/2" x 3 3/4" x 4"

DesignReasons sells the Louis 20 miniature. Since the late 1980s, Philippe Starck has combined tubular steel and plastic; he used them for the first time for the “Dr. Glob“ chair series designed in 1988 for Italian manufacturer Kartell.

Similarly contrasting materials forge the expressivity of the stackable “Louis 20“ chair. The voluminous front legs, the seat — characteristically of Starck it bulges toward the front — and the springy back-rest are all blown from one piece of hollow polypropylene. The aluminum arch for the back legs is stably attached to the hollow plastic body by means of a large fastening plate.

“Louis 20“ can be disassembled and separated into its recyclable aluminum and polypropylene parts in a matter of minutes by undoing the screw fasteners in the plate.

With great wit and irony, Starck called his design “Louis 20“, thus alluding to the royal tradition in Paris, whereby the kings of the same name were given the numbers IV to XVIII and stylistic epochs were distinguished in terms of the respect monarch.