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Villa Sibi Doll House


DesignReasons sells the Villa Sibi Modern Dollhouse. Villa Sibi wood dollhouse is the ultimate über-toy for the modern home but who is it for - you or the children. Villa Sibi includes the dollhouse, garden, pool & poolhouse and is complete with the furniture shown.

Material: Laminated birch ply with solid beech & ash furniture

Size: 44"L× 24"W × 17.7"H

SIBIs wood rock ride and push toys are made in Bavaria, Germany by a long established (since 1805) family run wood-working company that specialised in producing beautiful traditional wooden sledges. They have recently diversified into childrens wood toys bringing with them vast experience of moulding and shaping wood to an extremely high standard. They have produced a range of products that have a completely unique look and feel - beautiful, minimalist, yet rugged enough for the terrible twos!