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Silent Wall 2012

 Arik Levy 2012

Vitra with Arik Levy designed the Slient Wall for open-plan offices. The division of space and optimisation of acoustics are essential to creating a pleasant and productive work environment. Achieving effective space division and acoustics often involves using permanent in-built components. However, such components are complicated to install and inflexible. The Silent Wall modular system offers a flexible alternative for this purpose.

The Vitra system by Arik Levy consist of four wall panels, one technology panel for mounting the screens and connecting these to the tables, and two corner columns. These elements can be configured to create different architectural interiors, and are easy to plan and assemble. The wall elements of Silent Wall come in two heights and have insulating panels on the inside. These panels are outfitted with a perforated steel plate layer or textile cover.

Silent Wall consists of solid wall elements with excellent acoustic properties. This simple Vitra system facilitates a great variety of configurations and uses. Silent Wall divides rooms, separates work areas from one another, creates clearly defined zones for teams and defines walkways. With a roof, Silent Wall can create a “room within a room” for focused work. The system’s design allows for the integration of electricity and can therefore be equipped with lighting.

Media Wall

Media Wall facilitates dynamic, interactive meetings by allowing tables to be connected to screens on which video conferences or presentations are held. The configuration consists of four wall elements and two corner columns, combined with one add-on table top at standing or sitting height.


The Communication Box and Meeting Box create “room within a room” solutions that offer areas of retreat for concentrated work, teamwork and meetings. Thanks to their acoustic insulation, they keep out external noises whilst also reducing the noise level inside. In this way, colleagues nearby are not disturbed by the meetings held in the boxes. The Silent Wall boxes consist of six or seven wall elements, two corner columns and one triangular ceiling element. Permanent meeting rooms that take up a lot of space are thus rendered redundant.