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Saab Roadster Ride-on Toy

Ulf Hanses & Carl Zedig

DesignReasons sells the ride-on activity toy Saab Roadster designed by Hanses & Zedig.  Make a child's first car ride a memorable one with Playsam's classic Roadster Saab, an activity toy for small children. Like most Saab cars, the Roadster Saab has a clean and simple design. Its design is based on the very first Saab -- Sixten Sason's prototype 92001.Steering wheel made of wood and metal just like the old sports car steering wheels.DIMENSIONSlength / 940 mm color / black/natural,material / Body: ABS plastic/ Bottom chassis, seat and steering wheel: wood/metal/leatherage / 12 months and up

Playsam is the leading Scandinavian design company for executive wooden toy gift. Scandinavian design playful creativity, integrity and sophistication are Playsam. Scandinavian design and wooden toy makes Playsam gift lovely to the world of design since 1984.

Notes: Not suitable for children under 12 months of age. Playsam uses a lacquer paint, free of all toxic materials, including lead. This lacquer paint has been thoroughly tested for toxins in independent laboratories.

Carl Zedig, design director at Playsam, works with Ulf Hanses and Bjorn Dalstrom, who create Playsam's range from their respective backgrounds in industrial and graphic design. When one examines Playsam products, the philosophy remains. There is simplicity of form, plus a sense of delight and humour. Plalysam colours are striking, and the lines are clean and classical.

This is truly a collectible luxury ride-on. Like most Saab cars, the Roadster has a clean and simple design; the design is based on the very first Saab car --- Sixten Sason's prototype 92001


Ulf Hanses is a playful functionalist with both depth and character. He has been with Playsam since its early stages and among other things, has designed Playsam's well - known Streamliner. The foundation for Hanses design work is toys with form, volume and proportion. Among those who have commissioned work from Hanses are Boda Nova, Ikea, Playsam and Handitech. Hanses has taken part in numerous design exhibitions both national and international and is represented at the Tokyo Toy Museum and Japan Toy Museum, among others. On numerous occasions, he has earned the distinction of Excellent Swedish Design Form.

Material Wood and plastic and metal

Age  1+

Size 16"H x 32"W 12" SH 37"L