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Executive Childhood

Dennis Ingermansson

DesignReasons sells the Executive Childhood Baby Stroller by Playsam and designed by Dennis ingermanssson. With Playsam's Childhood you get a nostalgic and classic design all rolled into one. Available in new Playsam colors of brilliant and shiny look, this is the christening gift of the year!

Playsam's World

Classic and contemporary. Fanciful and functional. Simple and sophisticated.
At first glance, these characteristics may seem slightly contradictory. But Playsam firmly believe that opposites attact. After all, a small company with a big name.

As the leading Scandinavian design company in its class, Playsam creates innovative and timeless wooden toys for the young and young at heart. With each and every toy, we not only strive for physical functionality, but also for an art form that challenges pre-existing artistic concepts and conventions. Take your pick of our exclusive products -- from the miniature Saab Keychain Car to the Streamliner series to Playsam's wonderful Rocking Rabbit -- and give the best of Swedish design as a baby, birthday or business gift.

The mission is to shape executive wooden toys that exude charm and charisma while simultaneously stimulating the very soul of Playsams audience. The products' capacity to appeal to the mind's eye is equally as significant as their bright and glossy surfaces.

The aim is to engage those individuals who welcome a visual challenge, demand superb quality and crave intellectual creativity -- in short, lovers of executive Scandinavian design. And during over twenty years of business, doing exactly this by inspiring individuals all around the world with artistic aesthetics and ageless designs.

Playsam is a haven for contemporary, cosmopolitan, classic design. Simply put, Playsam are Scandinavian design at its finest. To experience the world, you need only to open your eyes and reach out your hands.

Playsam -- lovely design to the world

Material Wood

CPSIA tested

Age: 3 and up

Overall dimensions: 2.25" H x 4" W

Minimum Order $250


Dennis Ingemansson is a Swedish born yacht and automotive designer educated in Sweden, California and Italy. Ingemansson graduated as MA Automotive Designer from the prestigous Domus Academy (full scholarship student) in Milan and obtained distinction grade due to the graduation in December 2007 Ingemansson's yacht design work has been featured in American Vanity Fair, Vogue, InDesign Russia, Casamica il Corriere Della Sera, Haute Living New York, L'Officiel Voyage Paris, Luxury Culture, Le Grand Mag Bilbao, Platinum Mag Middle East, Middle East Boat Owner, Asia Pacific Boating