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Wooden Boat Model TI Asia 2011

Papafoxtrot  2011

DesignReasons sells Papafoxtrot TI Asia Supertanker Wooden Model, one of four ultra-large capacity supertankers built in the early 00's. Currently, they are the largest ships on the sea. "No Smoking" is written in two meter high letters on her bridge, which is a good idea when you are carrying 3 million barrels of oil. Asia TI was the first of the supertankers. Despite being spec'd for a 40 year life span, after less than a decade she had been retired to the sunny coasts of Qatar to spend the rest of her days as a stationary oil storage vessel.

Papafoxtrot was founded in 2011 as a collaboration between product designers Martin Postler & Ian Ferguson of Postlerfergusons and Herman Cheung from manufacturing consultants Adda Products after years of working together on client projects.

Papafoxtrot boats is lovingly crafted from hardwood and painted in cheerful, modern colors. Each model is broken down into simple, easy to assemble parts. Instructions are detailed for any age to follow. Be your own shipyard!

Material Painted Wood and Metal rods, Finely crafted from hardwood, Made in China. 

Age 8+

Size 3 .13" H x 2.75"W x 15"D  Weight 1lb