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Morrison Ply-Chair 1989

Miniature Ply-Chair, Morrison

Morrison, 1989

Ply-Chair/ Morrison, 1989

Material  Laminated wood, natural colour, scale 1:6, 77 x 140 x 65 mm  5 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 3"

DesignReasons sells the Ply-Chair miniature. The designs of Jasper Morrrison, the-most prominent representative of the new Minimalism, stand out for their simplicity and clarity. They form the antithesis to the electric, strident and highly ornamented products of Post-Modernism. The »Ply Chair« is striking for its straightforward and yet elegant lines – even the material is unpretentious. The seat of the chair is mounted on a wooden cross which tapers in towards the middle, so that the seat gives to accommodate the weight of the body.