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Lorette Trailer 2003

Wolfgang Sirch & Christoph Bitzer 2003

DesignReasons sells the Sirch Lorette Trailer. Sirch is a family-owned business nestled in the Alpine foothills of southern Germany which made sleds a generation ago, and steam trunks further back. Their current success is in outstanding wooden riding toys for young children, modernist dollhouses and the coolest sleds for older kids and collectors. . Sirch carries on its tradition of top quality manufacturing and materials by using European wood and refusing to outsource any production. SIBI toys are safety rated by Tuv and are considered by many as the best designed toys of their class. Designed by Wolfgang Sirch and Christoph Bitzer in 2003 the Lorette Trailers are the perfect match to the Max push car. With the same clean lines as the car the Lorette Trailer Wooden Toy is a blank canvas for the imagination.

Birch plywood and EVA plastic (wheels)

DESIGNERS Wolfgang Sirch & Christoph Bitzer

LORETTE TRAILER (accessory for MAX or FLIX push cars)
SIZE 11.75" H x 17.25"W x 13" D