Lovegrove, Ross

Artemide Mercury Lighting Series

Artemide Cosmic Leaf Series

Ross Lovegrove

Born in Cardiff, Whales (1958) this expert in ergonomics, known as "Captain Organic," is famous for the sensuality that flowers throughout his forms integrating humanistic ideas in order to create the structure. His Mercury Lighting is a perfect example of his innovative works in that the mercurial droplets that seemingly float from the ceiling reflect off of each other offering a sculpture of light that is entrancing. His supernatural armchair also assumes the same fluidity that is incorporated in his style. His awareness of ecologically sound materials enhances the durability of his products.

" I have a non-linear mind that is stimulated by the rare and layered. I assemble ideas from a seemingly unrelated plethora of sources that gel into being over time and when the moment is right for a concept to materialize. I have few preconceptions and respond to circumstances. I have few preconceptions and respond to circumstances. Indeed,. whatever environment and whatever culture I am in at the time will totally affect my perception of modernity, physicality and creativity," Ross Lovegrove is quoted at It is this type of thinking that has inspired DesignReasons into existence.

Intrigued with the interactions that flourished in the world, he began his studies in industrial design at Manchester Polytechnic where he graduated in 1980. Continuing his growth he obtained his Masters degree from The Royal College of Art in London in 1983. Then, he moved to West Germany where he began his career at Frog Design (Hartmut Esslinger's design agency located in Allensteig) working on such features as the Walkman design for Sony and computer design for apple computer chassis. He then traveled to Paris where he consulted for Knoll International, renowned in Europe and throughout the US and developed the Alessandri Office System that was extremely noted. After that Lovegrove was in demand and was invited to work for Atelier de Nimes along with Philippe Stark and Jean Nouvel and embraced a variety of projects for Louis Vuitton, Cacharel, Hermes and Dupont. He then, returned to London with fortitude in 1986 and consulted for such firms as Airbus Industries, Kartell, Ceccotti, Cappellini, Idee, Moroso, Luceplan, Driade, Peugeot, Issey Miyake, Vitra, Olympus Cameras, Yamagiwa Corporation, Tag Heuer, Hackman, Alias, Herman Miller, Japan Airlines and Toyo Ito Architects in Japan. In 1996 Lovegrove returned to London where he ran a firm with Julianne Brown. However, in 1990 he inevitably found a practice of his own called Studio X in London. This is a man who has received numerous awards, having had his work presented at international exhibitions such as the Museum of Modern Art, NY' Axis Center, Japan, Pompidou Center, Paris and of course the Design Museum located in London. Not only did he display the first permanent exhibition in 1993 here, but his work can be viewed in permanent exhibitions in prestigious museums throughout the world such as MOMA (The Museum of Modern Art in NY) and the Design Museum in London.

DesignReasons sells the Artemide Mercury Lighting Series  and the Artemide Cosmic Leaf Series by Ross Lovegrove. The  Artemide Mercury Lighting can be found the the DesignReasons Showroom in Lower Merion, The Artemide Cosmic Leaf Lighting can be viewed in the New York Showroom.