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Le Corbusier Faut a dossier basculant 1928

Miniature Faut. à dossier basculant, Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier, 1928

Faut. à dossier basculant/ Le Corbusier/Jeannert/Perriand, 1928

Material Leather, steel, scale 1 : 6, 107 x 98 x 98 mm, made in Poland

DesignReasons sells the Le Corbusier Visitor's Arm Chair miniature. Le Corbusier preferred a plain and timeless design for the furniture in the houses he created. In the shape of the fauteuil à dossier basculant together with Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand he created a visitor’s armchair which had an exceptionally light appearance thanks to its tubular steel frame. At the same time, with its adjustable backrest the armchair was exceedingly comfortable. The backrest was attached to the frame by two hinges and followed the user’s movements while also offering the necessary support.

The seat and backrest in the first few versions were made of canvas with leather edging. Calf-skin covers were also available. Skins of different colors were carefully selected according to their grain and pattern, ensuring that each armchair was unique.
In 1928, under the watchful eyes of the designers the first versions were manufactured for use in Villa Church and Villa La Roche. The fauteuil à dossier basculant first went on public show at the Paris Autumn Salon in 1929