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Elvia Montalvo - Chickie


Elvia Montalvo, nicknamed “Chickie” derived from the word chique, and given to her for her elegant and fashionable ability to enhance her environment. Having studied under Sasoon in London and worked in Salons for 33 years as a stylist, beautification has been Elvia’s/Chickie's passion. According to Sasson there are two types of stylists; “One that is mechanical! And the other an artist.” With Elvia’s/Chickie’s visual aptitude, she was able to sculpt thus being categorized as an artist.

Throughout her life Elvia/Chickie has been known to reconfigure space. Starting with hair and expanding her versatility to furnishings, colors, fabrics, and the manipulation of shapes and accessories, Elvia's expertise has evolved to the art of decorating and design