D'Urbino, De Pas, Lomazzi - Joe 1970

Miniature Joe, de Pas, D'Urbino, Lomazzi

de Pas/D'Urbino/Lomazzi, 1970

Material Polyurethane foam, leather, scale 1:6, 145 x 190 x 285 mm

DesignReasons sells the Joe miniature. The giant, leather, baseball-glove chair, first produced in 1970, was named for famous 1950s–’60s baseball player Joe DiMaggio, who was married to Marilyn Monroe. This leather glove-chair is disarmingly out of context and out of scale; in these aspects it follows the formula of the American Popart movement, which had first been introduced to Italy at the Venice Biennale of 1964, where the hand-sewn soft sculptures of Claes Oldenburg were shown.

A pre-formed foam settee covered in leather, Joe is playful and witty, but also ergonomically comfortable. The hand welcomes and protects the sitter; form and function reinforce one another.