DeLucchi, Michele

Artemide Logico Lighting Series
Artemide Tolomeo Lighting Series


Michele DeLucchi

Born in 1951 in Ferrara, this European architect has a multitude of talents in the art world. Ranging from the design of office, bank and museum buildings to household products and innovative furniture and lighting, this artist has contributed magnificent pieces to the world of functional art. He studied in Padova and Florence, Italy, graduating with his architectural degree in 1975. A prominent symbol in experimental architecture, Michele De Lucchi was well known in the Cavart, Alchymia and Memphis movements. Not only has he designed lighting fixtures and furniture for the most prominent producers in Europe, he has developed many theories of the evolution of the workplace, and accomplished "experimental products" for Compaq Computers, Philips, Siemens and Vitra.

After Michele De Luccchi's received his diploma, he was an academic assistant for two years. And then in 1973, he partnered with other designers and architects to create Cavert, which was considered a radical design group during that time. Kartell discovered De Lucchia's artistry in 1978, hired him in Milan to design for Centrokappa. Then he later met up with Ettore Sottsass and joined the Studio Alchimia designers. Betwixt his many creations he became a design consultant for Olivetti in1979. His biography is listed below in more detail.

* 1973 - Peformanc Designer in general, 15th Milan Triennial, September 20. * Degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of Florence University. * 1975/76 - Founder of the Cavert group in padua and promoter of its seminars. * 1978/80 - Works with "Modo" and "Casa Vogue." *1978/80 - Exhibits at the Alchymia, I and II exhibitions. * 1979 - Starts work with Olivetti Synthesis. * 1980/87 - Founder and designer of Memphis. * 1980/94 - Starts work with Artemide. Opens a practice with Angelo Micheli and Ferruccio Laviani. Continues working with Nicholas Bewick, Pio Barone Lumage, Torsten Fritze. * 1989 - First prize in the competition for redesigning Deutsche Bank branches. * 1990 - Founds Produzione Private. * 1992/02 - In charge of design for Olivetti. * 1995 - First prize in the competition for redesigning ticket offices at Deutsche Bahn train stations. * 1996 - Opens his practice in Rome. * 1996 - Starts working with Enel. Divides his practice into two seperrate organizations: the practice of Michele De Lucchi (aMDL) and Studio & Partners with Nicholas Bewick, Torsten Fritze and Emilio Torri (separated in 2001). * 1998 - Starts working in Poste Italiane. * 2000 - With Mario Trimarchi, founds Fragile graphics studio (now with Mario Trimarchi, Frida Doveil and Ottorino Ermacora). Awarded the title of Official of the Italian Republic for merit in the fields of design and architecture. * 2001 - Professor of Industrial Design at Iuav in Venice. * 2002 - Head of the specialized degree program in Industrial Design in Venice. * 2002 - Starts working with Banca Intesa. * 2003 - Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris acquires a considerable number of his drawings and models. 

DesignReasons sells Michele DeLucchi Logico Lighting Series made by Artemide Lighting.The Logico Lighting Series  by Artmide Lighting is a system of glass shades fit for the floor, wall, and ceiling that can be configured in hundreds of forms. DeLucchi also designed the Tolomeo Series for Artemide