Chiparus, Dimitri

Crane Stance Bronze

Dimitri Chiparus

Some say Dimitri Chiparus was born in 1888 and others declare different dates in the late 1880's, but most agree this art deco artist's, producer of magnificent graceful sculptures, place of origin was in Romania and his departure from this earth was in 1950. Immigrating to Paris during the 1920's he became well known for his magnificently elegant and colorful bronzes and ivory female and children figures. Traveling to Paris in 1912, he was educated at The Ecole Des Beaux-Arts, and studied under Antonin Mercier and Jean Boucher. Exhibiting chryselephantine sculptures, he was awarded for his talent by The Salon Des Beaux Arts. The first showing of his sculptures was in Paris at the Salon of Societe des Artistes Francais in 1914 leading to an honorable mention. Some of his designs were in both bronze and ivory and chosen figures were created in various sizes. Spelter and ivorene were utilized in some of the figures. The white metal of the spelter was cold painted, much like the bronze. The ivorene, however, which was cast, was painted in brilliant colors. Among the firms he created his sculptures for were Edmond Etling and Arthur Goldscheider. Etling also founded a shop in Paris on the Rue de Paris where one could buy exclusive art created by the leading artists during that era. Chapirus' last recorded exhibit was at the Salon - La Danseuse Ta-Keo in 1939. Though it was his feminine figures like the one seen if you double click on Dimitrius Chaparus' name above, are what gave him his supreme reputation, some of his figurines of children are known to have a fascinating enchantment. Also many religious figures can be attributed to his repertoire. 

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