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Bennett Dollhouse 2011

Bennett Dollhouse 2011

DesignReasons is excited to sell this high-end contemporary/modern dollhouse townhouse by Brinca Dada, for adult collectors and kids. An oasis in the sea of glitzy toys, this dollhouse is heavily influenced by the De Stijl movement of the early 20th century. It emphasizes lines, squares and rectangles in asymmetrical patterns while minimizing color. Fans of Rietveld’s Schröder House will recognize another influence. Architect Tim Boyle explains how the Bennett Dollhouse breaks out of the townhouse genre: “Townhouses are typically a stack of floors with a few windows on each floor, and no inside/outside relationship. I prefer architecture that reveals structure and engineering, hence windows extend past floors to show the weight and thickness of the structure.”

The Bennett Dollhouse is more than just a pretty façade--its clever design and use of space invites play whether open or closed. The townhouse features a two-story living room, elevator, roof top pool and glass rail balconies in both the master bedroom and children’s bedroom.  And Bennett House is made of CARB-certified woods and non-toxic, lead-free paints and stains, so it is easy on the environment.


  • 36" x 21" x 21"
  • Scale: 3/4"
  • Designer: Tim Boyle

The Bennett House is no longer available on the market.

This makes the Bennett House a modern antique. 

We have 1 available for PICK-UP-ONLY at our showroom.

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