Mercury 2007

Ross Lovegrove 2007

DesignReasons is honored to offer you the entire collection of THE HYDRO SERIES inspired by the spectacular exploration of nature and encapsulating the "trinity" between connecting heightened technology, scientific materials, and the brilliance of organic forms. Ross Lovegrove has surpassed the dream world of lighting extravagance with all his Mercurial creations. Any choice you pursue in The Hydro series is phenomenal. The MERCURY CEILING CHANDELIER is similar to the Mercury Suspension but the modern aluminum disc is connected directly to the ceiling. The floating mercurial objects and the disc magnificently reflect each other,"...bouncing light between their taught bio-morphic surfaces and reflecting the environment around them. During the day, the piece acts as a sculpture object reflecting the dynamics of natural light and movement of people around them." Ross Lovegrove

REFLECTIVE MERCURY DROPS: These units are made of molded thermoplastic with a polished chrome finish.
REFLECTIVE MERCURY DROPS THAT CONTAIN A LIGHT SOURCE: These objects are made of die-cast aluminum wiith a polished chrome finish.
DISC: In die cast aluminum with a pale gray finish, this circular hanging accentuates the artwork's impressive elegance with clear electrical chords and a graceful stainless steel cable.
MOUNT: The disc is connected directly to a rigid ceiling surface over standard electrical junction boxes.
HALOGEN BULBS: 2 x 200W (R75/T3) Supplied
. M
Mercury Ceiling HAL  43 5/6" LED Round Disc Mercury Suspension  LED - Mercury Droplet Suspension 43 1/4" Round Disc  HAL  LED  Ceiling Mercury Droplet 43 1/4" HAL LED   Mercury Mini Droplet Ceiling/Wall 23 5/8" Round HAL  LED

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