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Logico 2004

Michael De Lucchi & Gerhard Reichart

DesignReasons sells Michael De Lucchi's extraordinary upright liminaire that diffuses light through elegant hand blown glass.

Floor standing luminaire for diffused incandescent lighting

DIFFUSER in handblown glass with satin finish
DIFFUSER SUPPORTING FRAME in die-cast aluminum with pale grey lacquered finish
THREE-ROD STEM AND BASE in steel with pale grey lacquered finish
TOUCH SENSITIVE DIMMER control rod in diffuser frame
BULBS 3 X 75W (E26/A19)

Logico Table, Logico Mini Table, Logico Micro Table

Logico Ceiling Nano

Logico Ceiling Single, Logico Ceiling Mini Single, Logico Ceiling Micro Single

Logico Ceiling Triple Nested, Logico Ceiling Mini Triple Nested,  Logico Ceiling Micro Triple Nested

Logico Ceiling Triple Linear, Logico Ceiling Mini Triple Linear, Logico Micro Triple Linear

Logico Ceiling Mini Quad Nested,  Logico Micro Quad Nested

Logico Ceiling Single Suspension, Logico Ceiling Mini Single Suspension

Logico Ceiling Triple Linear Suspension, Logico Ceiling Mini Triple Linear  Suspension

Logico Ceiling Mini Quad Nested Suspension, Logico Ceiling Micro Quad Nested Suspension 

Logico Single Wall