Andrew W Ullman



Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. Lived in PA, NY, NY & Los Angeles, California. He has managed many shows and scouted others in around the continental US for almost the duration of his 25 years as location career. He also has international scouting experience under his belt. Father of Alec Samuel and Lily Sophie Ullman.

From Center City, Philadelphia, PA. Started in the business as a talent agent in New York City for 8 years for the Mary Ellen White Agency & The Gilchrist Talent Group. Was Adam Sandler and Christine Taylor's first agent.



Butler Productions (Felt) Inc.
March 2016 – Present (6 months) Greater Atlanta Area
Universal Pictures, The Meyers Christmas
September 2015 – January 2016 (5 months)
The Founder, Film Nation
February 2015 – July 2015 (6 months) Atlanta, GA
The Sixth Sense 

Over thirty years in the business and still going strong.

My budgets from low 6 to 7 figures are realized within a 2-5% percent of their initial projections. Something, that took years of experience and execution to perfect.

Possess Coast to Coast Library and knowledge working in Locations in - Atlanta, Ga and general proximity, Los Angeles, Ca and general proximity including Central Cali, Pittsburgh, Pa and general proximity. Philadelphia, Pa and general proximity. Besides the above, I have scouted and worked in the Atlantic region including New York State, Massachusetts including Boston and immediate proximity. And, across the country from Northern Florida including the Panhandle, Las Vegas and Nevada Dessert, Utah, Chicago, Illinois and general proximity, Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Northern an Southern Mexico.

Familiar and versed in tax incentive and credit states.