DesignReasons’ mission is to make advertising and promotion more affordable on the Internet for businesses, college students, artists, or simply to present oneself on the Internet without the expense or wasting unnecessary time.


DesignReasons started as an architectural/renovation and restoration business.

With over thirty years of experience, Dolores Browne, DesignReasons’ in-house architect and designer continues to guide people and organizations in design optimization. Her web pages remain on the DesignReasons site.

Allegra Saens Coleman had decided to venture on her own as a writer, tutor, and editor and remain as a consultant for DesignReasons. There were many advertisements on the web for “FREE Web Sites." Surprise, these “FREE Web Sites" were going to cost Ms. Coleman $120 or more a month. She decided to simply place a page for her writing, tutoring and editing business on DesignReasons.

LIGHTBULB! Allegra realized that she could help many people in her same position. She could create web pages for people for a minimal price. The costs for creating businesses have skyrocketed and she could do something about it. She could charge as low as $10 a month if people signed up for a year and $20 per month with a 3-month minimum; no extra hidden costs. DesignReasons could design, add slide shows, and write biographies. Videos could even be added. The price can’t be beat. People can have a URL, so that they can go right to their page and specified words can optimize the search engines for their page; no hidden costs. Dolores agreed that this was a phenomenal idea.

DesignReasons is designed for people just starting out in business, independent contractors, students, and those who are not ready or don’t want to invest in high expenditures. And, for some, a complex web site is not necessary for their business.

Thus, DesignReasons Corp. has entered a new dimension in their business. They are excited to introduce professional web pages for inexpensive prices.


Browne is a talented and dedicated artist scoping a myriad of dimensions. She began her education at The Moore College of Art, located in Philadelphia, PA, and remained in Philadelphia to receive her BA in Interior Design at The University of the Arts. After spending 2 years at The Barnes Foundation, she decided to continue at The Barnes Arboretum and then obtained her architectural degree at Drexel University. Throughout her years she received a variety of awards for her artistic finesse and worked on a variety of projects including graphic designs (SGK, Trigen, Gorilla Systems Corp., Karl's Baby Furniture, Curson's Advertising, Buzan Inc., United States Environmental Agency, The Stock Exchange Nightclub, LVTC Inc., A New Twist and others), Building Restorations, TPDS Products (doors, sit down and step up dance tables, snake mirrors, and steel repository). and many other projects (resume on TPDS.com). Her works have been noted throughout the US and many articles have praised her innovative style.


After traveling to LA California and earning her BFA in Theater at University of Southern California, she continued her career as an actress and playwright throughout the US and in London, England. After being honored with The Florida State Grant for New Playwrights for her first play and another award from The Tampa Theater for her second, she obtained her Juris Doctorate at Temple University. Meanwhile, she dabbled in the art of painting and graphics. After acquiring her JD, she was offered an opportunity to create and develop TPDS Club (known for its imaginative and inventive designs and ideas), which became an extremely successful event space, and the beginning of her partnership with Browne. During this time, she assisted Dolores in various graphic and design projects along with business ventures and writing projects.

After taking time off as a wife and mother of two, Allegra decided to reunite with Dolores and form DesignReasons Corp. Since then her editing and writing skills have been developed and nurtured in a variety of specialized markets and contexts which has enabled her to participate in a dialogue that understands the varied perspectives of her clients while at the same time assisting them in realizing a vision that transcends the boundaries of a writer’s initial creative template. As Co-Director of DesignReasons Corporation, Ms. Coleman writes and edits phraseology that appears on the firm’s web site, advertisements, business proposals, and the written transactions in which the company is involved. 

Ms. Coleman, recently, published her first novel, The Jewish Ninja, whose target readership is ten and up. Not only did the process of editing a novel sharpen Ms. Coleman’s editorial skills, but her interaction with her own editors gave her unique insight into the creative synergy between author and writer, and how this dialogue can inspire and transform the creative vision. In addition to her novel, the two plays she has written received critical acclaim. Fire of the Earth received The Brave New Voices Award and Gorilla Dance was honored with The Emerging Artist Grant in Hillsborough County. It was later produced at Theater 1761 in Los Angeles, Ca. She also received the Best of Thumbtack 2015 Award for her writing, editing and tutoring.