The kitchen is the room with all the action. It's not just the place to prepare and cook food for a restaurant or home. It's also used for entertaining guests, storing gadgets and eating.  Your design needs to accommodate all these activities, which is why new kitchens and  remodels are more popular than ever.

if you want your kitchen layout to work well for you whether it is commercial or residential, you should carefully consider where to place your stove, refrigerator, island and cabinets to ensure plenty of space to cook, eat, entertain and service areas. Next, you should keep storage in mind. Kitchens contain a lot of utensils, pots, pans and small appliances, so be sure to have enough space to store all your favorites nearby. Finally, your space should look nice and welcoming to guests who visit. Using high-quality, colorful materials will help bring personality and vibrancy to your space.