DesignReasons sells modern lighting. Our mid-century lighting, residential & commercial, includes illustrious  designs such the classic; The Tizio Lamp.  

 Not only do we offer residential and commercial midcentury lighting, but we now have a new outdoor line. Our indoor lamps, sconses and ceiling suspensions include: Cabido; Callimaco; Copernico; Cosmic Leaf; Doride; Genesy; Ipogoe; Logico, Tolemeo, Murcury; Tizio Lamps (Tizio Classics); The Designers are Eric Sole, Ettore Scottsass, Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Paolo Dell"Eice, Ross Lovegrove, Karmin Rashid, Zaha Hadid, Joe Wenthworth, Michael De Lucchi, Gerhard Reichart, Herzog and De Meuron, and Richard Sapper. For outdoor lighting please call our offices. We can install the wall & ceiling lighting in the Philadelphia area..
The reason we have chosen to show only Artemide modern lighting is because Artemide lights, whether a sconce, lamp or chandelier, whether it is in-door or outdoor, modern or mid-century lighting, it is supreme and we have found no other that surpasses Artemide's quality, Some of our lights have been displayed in Museums, such as the Tizio lamps and The Genesy by Zaha Hadid. As you peruse our site your eyes will sparkle.



Naberth, PA.